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Since its establishment in 1996 DaeBo Communication and Systems Corporation, the locus of DAEBO Group’s plans for its future growth, has become the nation’s leader in the field of transportation systems. In addition, it is a comprehensive IT service provider, with interests in IT outsourcing for airports, the military, local government the company also plans to seize the initiative in the “Ubiquitous Generation” in areas ranging from ITS(Intelligent Transportation System) to other industries of the future.

The sole provider of total transportation systems solutions in Korea

With more than ten years’ experience in the operation of highway transportation systems, DaeBo Communication and Systems Corporation is sole company that provides total solutions for transportation systems including consulting, construction, management, and R&D

Highly skilled and experienced engineers in operation and maintenance of airports

DaeBo Communication and Systems Corporation has proved its capability in design, implementation with highly experienced human resources in NAVAID(navigation aid)s and provides a top level optimized aviation system ranging from consulting to design, development, implementation and maintenance of key systems in NAVAIDs in collaboration with world class aviation related manufacturers.

Spearheading the rise of the “Ubiquitous generation”

DaeBo Communication and Systems Corporation primed to become the leader in the development of the “Ubiquitous Generation” in such areas as transportation, aviation, railways, and harbors, is already distinguishing itself in such next-generation IT sectors.

The leading company of national IT infrastructure management

DaeBo Communication and Systems Corporation, the recognized leader in transportation systems, is ranked first in market share of both ITS and Tunnel system management in Korea. It manages a host of core IT facilities (including traffic and air traffic control service communication system at Incheon International Airport), and is engaged in the computerization of equipment and facilities for the public, local governments and the military.

The credible model of successful privatization

DaeBo Communication and Systems Corporation was at first established as a government owned company (with annual sales of only about USD 20 million), then later, DaeBo was privatized in 2002 and over the past five years has grown into a top-ranking private company with annual sales of more than USD 100 million. The company came to record boasting average annual sales and net income increases of 22% and 31%